Interesting facts about digital marketing

•    4.39 billion Internet users

•    3.48 billion social media users

•    Social media channels are included in digital marketing

•    68% brands in India use digital media

•    40% brands in India rely on social media for lead generation

•    30% businesses invest 40% of their marketing budget on digital media

Note: The above data reflects the 2019 trends in digital media

Choose a career

Career choice in digital marketing is varied. There are SEOs that optimize websites and SMOs that promote websites on social media. Also, there are search marketers that take care of search engine marketing. Choose what interests you most and try doing your best in the chosen field.

You can follow your heart in choosing a career. For example, if you like fast paced action where you get quick results then you should opt for PPC or paid marketing that involves running paid advertisements to get quick response. The ads will be displayed as AdWords or on social media depending on your choice. It will be a short digital marketing course in Dwarka after which you can look for a job.

Change of job

Digital marketing provides enough flexibility to switch your career anytime you want. And it is easy to make a career in digital advertising. You could be of any age and educational background, if you want to become a SEO professional, you can start at any age. Short digital marketing courses allow quick change of job.

Get an edge over others

If you are already working as a marketing executive then you will need an edge over others to grow your career. Employers will expect more from you and you will be able to deliver results only when you have complete knowledge on digital marketing. It is time to join the best digital marketing institute in Dwarka and be employable.