Email Services

Bulk emails in Delhi have gained quite a wide spread popularity in the recent years. Depending on the nature of business, it becomes all the more comfortable to create an online presence through promotional email services in Delhi. King Digital Pvt Ltd. makes use of highly effective marketing strategies that can be customized depending on several factors which include the specific preferences of the clients. Our hassle free system allows your company to gain high profits through email marketing. The promotional emails that we design and develop for you are based on a considerably long experience in this industry and also our own expertise in the field. In addition to creating and generating promotional emails for our clients, we also provide the following:

- Spam checking
- Newsletters and other attractive promotional content
- Creation of brand presence
- Staying connected with prospective customers or clients
- Taking care of other mailing needs


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is a fairly new system that is being used since the 1980s. It allows for hassle free email transmissions across IP networks. The process is quite a simple one. Once an email is sent, it communicates with the involved computers through the SMTP server which means for email marketing campaigns, where multiple mail messages are sent through several servers, the reliability and requirement of an SMTP is a must.

King Digital Pvt Ltd. is an all round choice when it comes to email services in Delhi. This implies that you can contact us for dedicated SMTP servers in Delhi. We make it possible for you to send server mails and connect with your target recipients without any problems. Our spam filters take care of the emails that you send so that any chances of your site getting blacklisted can be reduced to the minimum. Additionally, we also ensure that your servers do not get overloaded as you begin an email marketing campaign.


The modern world is loaded with too much competition. Every brand or business needs to survive and the only way to do so is effective promotions and also creating a presence among the target groups. Apart from a thorough market analysis, a brand also needs an essential planning of strategies that can work at a global level too. Also, there has to be a self SWOT analysis to weigh the potential and areas of improvement for the said brand. Transactional email in Delhi is one of those ways in which companies are successfully able to create a presence among the right groups. Not only do transactional emails act as a reminder to the recipients but they also help you in keeping regular track over things of importance. King Digital Pvt Ltd. takes care of all the features related to the creation and generation of transactional email services in Delhi.

We always include the language and culture of your country, the price issues, the kind of products or services that you sell and centralize them to move ahead with a structured plan for transactional emails based on market trends which are customized just for you.


Attractive emails that are generated by any company officially tends to be a great tool in boosting business for the same. Direct marketing through professionally designed e mailers have the power to make your marketing campaign a success. The placement of graphics and the overall layout of the e mailers play an important role in terms of whether the recipients would be interested in reading that mail or trashing it right away. The mailer design services in Delhi that are provided by King Digital Pvt Ltd. are customised as per the requirement and type of business run by our clients.

We, at King Digital Pvt Ltd. aim towards creating the best mailer design as a part of advanced email services in Delhi. This enables us to create mailers that are highly captivating and also that grab the attention of the target customers at the right point of time. We also make use of personalization techniques that can enable the users to differentiate between junk mail and your customized e mailers.