What is the Difference between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?

For all intents and purposes they both accomplish the same task, that of serving your Web pages to the world. We prefer that our customers use our Linux based web servers and as such, this is the default setting when a customer adds a domain name to their StaticKing.com hosting account.

We recommend that our customers only use a Linux Web server if they specifically require Linux PHP coding or  Databases.  Every effort is made to keep all of our Web servers as secure as possible and our Linux Web servers are security patched as soon as new updates become available.

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What about the backup?

We take weekly backup of all accounts.

Where is the server located?

Server is located in Los Angeles, USA. and Hyderabad, INDIA

Can we increase the resource allocation limit?

No, as this is shared server, we had to fixed limit so that other sites don’t get affected...

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