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Promotional SMS

The rapidly evolving technology has created new areas and ways that allow for effective promotion, marketing and advertising possibilities. Promotional SMS in Delhi is one such area that is turning out to be a very good marketing tool for most of the businesses. As the communication sector too continues to evolve, mobile phone are a household article even in the lower strata of the society. This implies that availing reliable SMS Services in Delhi can turn out to be a great source of attracting more people and creating a brand presence.

Transactional SMS

Our SMS Services in Delhi are extended to several other aspects as well. King Digital Pvt Ltd. has developed a strong hold over Transactional SMS Marketing in Delhi. We offer several options to our clients that would enable them to stay connected with their links as per their preferences. Our services for transactional SMS are also extended beyond the boundaries of Delhi and our proficiency in this field helps us in creating a buzz for your products and services among your target audience.

Our secure servers are dedicated towards making your business grow. The Transactional SMS Services that we provide are mostly open only for informational purposes and we are able to provide you with an assurance that the SMS campaign will generate a good percentage of the results that you expect.

International SMS

International SMS Services in Delhi can prove to be really helpful when it comes to branding and marketing on a larger scale. The use of SMS Services in Delhi for sending bulk SMS is turning out to be a great way of promoting a company or the services and products that are offered by it. Considering all those elements, it is wise to take these strategies of promotional SMS to a whole new level by sending them on an international scale as well. King Digital Pvt Ltd. makes it possible for you to send international SMS successfully to several countries as desired by you.

The various schemes that are offered by King Digital Pvt Ltd. for international SMS allow you to make the maximum use of the Bulk SMS Service that you avail as a company.

VOICE SMS Broadcast

Voice SMS Broadcast in Delhi is one of the most amazing ways to spread information about your business, brand or company and the services and products that you offer. A Voice SMS Service in Delhi tends to be more effective than other strategies because of its personal feel and the way your customers get to receive information as if they are special to you. We, at King Digital Pvt Ltd. strives to be one of the best voice SMS providers in the country. Our services are in accordance with the TRAI guidelines and any SMS alerts that you want to be sent to the desired database of phone numbers can be done with ease.

King Digital Pvt Ltd. helps you create a buzz for your products or to update your customers with any new features or services that you are about to launch.

SMPP Services

SMPP Service in Delhi or the service of Short Message Peer to Peer is an advanced system that is used vastly in the telecommunications industry as a standard protocol that is designed to provide a flexible data communication interface to our clients. The SMPP services provided by King Digital Pvt Ltd. allows a smooth and uninterrupted transfer of short messages among several entities that are involved or are concerned with the company or any of its affiliates in any way, as and when considered appropriate by the same company which avails the SMPP.

King Digital Pvt Ltd. aims at providing the best and the most reliable services for SMPP in Delhi.

Bulk SMS Software

King Digital Pvt Ltd. provides highly reliable and efficient Bulk SMS Software in Delhi. Our software allows you to send mass SMS from your own computer for promotional purposes and also for marketing your business and reaching out to your target customers in an easy manner. The professional SMS sending programme that is offered by King Digital Pvt Ltd. ensures that you are able to use the software for several purposes including the sharing of information related to specialised alerts, reminders or notifications as per the requirements of your company or business.

The SMS Services in Delhi that we provide are possible due to the software that excels in taking care of all the aspects related to SMS campaigns. Our software can be used through USB modems and smart phones that are either based on an Android, GSM or other supportive systems.

Reseller Program

King Digital Pvt Ltd. also provides several Reseller Programmes in Delhi. As a part of our SMS Services in Delhi, the reseller programmes are all about associating with new partners. King Digital Pvt Ltd. is able to provide you with spam free services for mailing in combination with a very high delivery rate and advanced SMTP servers.

We ensure that reselling is made easier through white labelling under which other people can sell the products or services of a particular company under a new brand altogether. Our process is quite simple and easily implemented as the clients can keep track of the statistics related to all the users under them.

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