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Virtual Number

IVR Services in Delhi make it possible to route calls to the phone numbers as desired by you. We offer a dynamic and innovative Virtual Number Service in Delhi that is both powerful and cost effective. The technology used by King Digital Pvt Ltd. is perfectly created to include useful features like call recording, bespoke welcome messages, on- call conferencing, voice mails and several other aspects like notifications for following up with leads.

King Digital Pvt Ltd. lets you improve the efficiency as well as the productivity of your business by improving your efforts for marketing through services of virtual numbers that can prove to be a boost to your communication strategies in several ways. Our services are formulated to ensure that you business associates as well as clients are able to be in your touch all the time.

Toll Free Number

There are many companies who are following the trend of specialised Toll Free Numbers in Delhi that are best suited to their nature of business, client based and target market or audience. King Digital Pvt Ltd. strongly recommends the inclusion of toll free IVR Services in Delhi as they can prove to be a very efficient tool for many businesses. The many ways in which toll free numbers can be useful for you are stated below:

- Get feedbacks from your clients or customers
- Allow your customers to reach you easily for queries
- Provide a source for taking complaints about your services or products
- Generate leads through the toll free numbers

Missed Call Alert

King Digital Pvt Ltd. provides an efficient system of Missed Call Alert Services in Delhi. We make use of advanced applications that are automated as per the requirement of the clients. Our IVR Services in Delhi for missed calls make it possible for you to get notified whenever you are unable to take calls on the dedicated phone numbers. In addition to that, we also allow the users to avail the service of professional greetings for the callers as well as customized voices on mobile phones, personal numbers, local numbers and so on.

King Digital Pvt Ltd. helps you to remain connected even when there are unavoidable issues like poor networks, distances and other barriers whatsoever.

Lead Generation

The business world is changing at a constant rate and it calls for an efficient system that can serve as a source of relevant information and new Business Lead Generation in Delhi. The highly efficient and vigilant team of professionals at King Digital Pvt Ltd. strive to provide the best Lead Generation Services in Delhi.

Our efforts are directed towards an appropriate refinement of lead scoring criteria to meet the specific needs of our clients. King Digital Pvt Ltd. focuses on various campaigns to generate the highest possible leads for a client.

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